Welcome to LumiGeek!

We make Arduino shields for LEDs, audio-reactive drivers, and custom solutions for architectural and artistic endeavors.

Our solutions allow you to offload mundane tasks such as color fades and animations and clock timing. Sending your LED chores to our hardware will put the focus back on creativity for your LED project.

Available this summer at your favorite online DIY store, our hardware wil take your LED project to the next level.

Make the most of LED technology with LumiGeek!

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After a decade of collaboration on large-scale sculptures and special events, Joe Martin and John Taylor founded LumiGeek with the intention of sharing their years of hardware and software experience with the world.

From custom circuitry to smartphone interactivity, the duo has touched scores of amazing projects while building up an extensive toolkit. Years of time-tested technology are embedded in the LumiGeek product line, both from a technical and an aesthetic perspective. Our multicolor LED drivers have beautiful and smooth fading algorithms inside and our addressable LED products are capable of displaying flicker-free video-driven patterns and animations.

Please visit the Gallery section of the website to see current projects, as well as the prior collaborations by the co-founders that inspired them to form LumiGeek.

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For custom solutions, LumiGeek has been sought after by acclaimed interactive artists including Jen Lewin, Michael Christian, and Taylor Kuffner, as well as by major companies such as Red Bull and Autodesk.