LumiGeek and Autodesk enjoyed a highly artistic collaboration in early 2013 to create a pair of audio-reactive 3D printed speaker enclosures. The project was rather groundbreaking for several reasons.

First, there are very few instances where a 3D printed object is the final product, rather than an artifact of a larger process. (i.e. a proof of something to be injection molded en-mass) Small pieces of jewelry, precision aerospace parts, or medical implants are a small exception.

Second, the voxel-level control afforded by the Object printer allows for a unique combination of opaque and transparent areas to create never-before-seen lighting effects. The extruded ‘crystals’ are separated by an interior mesh of opaque material to light-pipe the LEDs.

Third, the ability to drive an array of multi-color, individually-addressable LED strip in such a confined space is very recent. This is where LumiGeek’s drivers come into play.

The collaboration was very well received in the design, 3d printing, and audiophile communities.